It happened to me..

03/02/2012 12:56

Morning or Evening ???????????
It happened to me when I was reading in class seven. I guess it was Saturday and we were taking our things from our previous home to another- a new one. That day I felt boaring so, I slept. When I woke up it was about six by my watch-the usual time when I wake up early in the morning.I came out of my room; it was a fresh morning I thought, it had just stopped to rain and the morning was very good. Then I took out my brush and started to brush my teeth. Our shop was opened quite faster I thought because of the presence of dad at our home. Then again feeling boared I came back to my mum to ask breakfast but she just smiled and I became so surprised to see her preparing lunch. I thought that daymight be some special day so she was cooking lunch- might be we were planning for a picnic or visit? I did not say anything and went back to the shop again. I found the sun going down of the horison and the day was being darker and darker. Then our shop was closed might be due to the bad or odd climate that day. I discussed about the odd day with my brother. He laughed at aloud and said that I had woken up at six in the evening not morning...........................